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Magic & Mystery

Come Alive in YOU!

Welcome to a place where we say YES to the Magic & Mystery rapidly unfolding and awakening in the world right now!



The Alchemist, the Healer, the Visionary, & the Magic this world so desperately needs! 


For many of you, there is a mass awakening that is happening at catapult speed!  Without any reference point or grounding rod to what is happening to you, and those you love it could feel very disorienting and overwhelming. 

I am one of many, that are coming forward during this time to help you find your footing and learn to work with the powerful gifts coming alive inside of you! 

Woman: It is Time to Reclaim your Birthright

Jul 13, 2024

You Are In The Right Place If: 


You have been experiencing:
  • Increased Synchronicity and Serendipity.
  • Intuition is much stronger.
  • Dreams are more vivid, intense, or lucid.
  • People, habits, or behaviors no longer fit the same way in your life.
  • Fatigue or the desire to sleep more, and for some needing less sleep.
  • More sensitive to other people’s energies and need more decompression time.
  • Channeling or receiving ‘Data’ has started or increased.
  • You are naturally taking better care of your Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • You are manifesting much faster (whether you realize it or not!)
  • Truth is much more apparent and unclouded.
  • Your feeling exponentially lost and adrift in what feels like a new world.
  • Your Soul is calling you to new territory and are looking for a reference point.
  • And much much more…


Hunter & I Invite you to join us, and many others, on a journey of Re-Membering what YOU came here to do!

There is a saying: ‘We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.’…I would like to add to this and say that we are all (for the most part) in that early morning stage of waking up from a deep slumber…stretching our arms, legs and re-invigorating our souls with that morning breath…yawn…and smile!

One foot still in the sleep of many centuries, and one foot in the beautiful, brilliant dawn rising in front of us!

Waking up in an unfamiliar world can feel confusing and disorienting.  Hunter & I are here to INVITE you to explore this Brave New World…at your own pace and in your own timing. 

I am Rebecca Mohlman:

  • Second Generation Healer, Guide, and Midwife into the Underworld of the Soul.
  • Licensed Trauma Therapist (LPC)
  • Medicinal Herbalist
  • Life-long Alchemist
  • Visionary & Maverick

I am Hunter

  • Third-Generation Healer…still discovering my path
  • Wild untamed spirit!
  • Compassionate & Caring
  • Artistic and Creative!

The Inner Compass

Monthly Roadmap

A Monthly Touch Point to Ground and Orient You and your Family with the Natural Ebbs and Flows of the Celestial and Seasonal Energies already influencing us.  This is a very practical and actionable compass for harnessing the most salient energetics of the month.


  • Suggestions for ceremonial practices specific to the lunar month
  • How to work with your body and physical space to best Heal, Transform and Manifest
  • Journal prompts & Recorded Guided Inner Alchemical Practices
  • A Kid’s corner with suggestions and printouts for incorporating this journey with your whole family
  • Specific integration practices that align with the energies of the month
  • Special Guest trainings, relative recipes, and other goodies when applicable


Providing a practical and actionable compass for harnessing the most salient energetics of the month so you and your family can find grace in such dramatic change and consciously unfold your soul’s calling!


Delivered to your inbox every month prior to the New Moon, This Newsletter Provides a Tuning Rod and Compass to the Celestial and Seasonal Shifts that are in motion so that you and your family are better equipped to work WITH the energies in motion rather than being subject to them! 


We are Co-Creators in this Life, bringing Conscious Awareness to your day-to-day experiences, actively harnessing the power available to you, working WITH the flow rather than AGAINST it…. This is you saying YES to Reclaiming Your Sovereignty and Power back! Choosing to be a Co-Creator rather than just Sleep-walking through this rare gift that is LIFE! 


Yes! This is exactly what I have been looking for!

The Reframe: Where Fear is Brave

Podcast & YouTube


It is time for the Ancient Arts, Magic and Ceremony to resurface to Humanity.  Reinventing itself in a New Expression.  In a New Time.  In a New Consciousness. 

It is time for us to Reclaim our Sovereignty and Inner Alchemy. 

It is time to step out of the shackles of fear with Courage, Curiosity, and Connection!

This podcast will weave my personal experiences as a Licensed Trauma Therapist, Healer, and Midwife of the Soul with Solo and Interview Episodes to help Guide, Ground, and inspire. We are not alone in this journey, and it is time to join hands again as sisters and brothers. 

Topics we will cover:  

🔥    Understanding and navigating the profound Energetic Shifts happening right now

🔥 How to dial in and work with your guides and Intuition

🔥 Transforming Ancestral Trauma into Generational Healing

🔥 Astrological & Seasonal influences of the month

🔥 Inner Alchemical Processes for Healing, Growth, and Transformation

🔥 Awakening and Reclaiming the Ancient Arts of those who have walked before us

🔥 And much, much more!


I invite you to pour a cup of tea, light a candle, and join me while we breathe magic back into our bones ~  

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